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Subtle Changes to Brick Can Make a Big Difference

August 1, 2018

Mortar washing is a process of covering the brick with a layer of thinned mortar. This gives new stability and texture to the brick. This process is sometimes also referred to as German Smear or White Washing.  The finish ultimately is all about technique and preference. This technique is a unique and beautiful way to change the look of your home or property.

Decorative washes are a great alternative instead of paint. Weathering and normal wear and tear on brick leaves it dull, faded and often cracking or flaking. The term “Ugly Brick” is often used right before it gets painted or demo. This cost effective option has become more popular with higher end homes, historical buildings or new construction. Painting exterior brick is always an option but Mortar Washing is one of a kind and will set your home apart.

We recommend a light pressure washing of the exterior brick for best results. This removes dirt, debris or any loose particles of the brick. Allow the brick to dry and replace loose bricks if necessary. The tools and supplies necessary are minimal, but patience is a “MUST.” A wheel barrel to mix the mortar is essential, along with shovel, trowel, clean cotton rags, goggles and gloves. Mortar washing is a beautiful finish that will set a spotlight on your home and an inspiration to your neighbors.