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Front Doors Make the First Impression

September 10, 2018

The front entrance of your home can be “aDOORable” and set the style of the home from the curb view. Paint materials are generally an inexpensive way to freshen up the appearance of your home. This home update can revive the exterior entrance.  A white door is like a white canvas that allows you to be creative & unique. A wood door can also be turned into a beautiful masterpiece with stain or gloss.

Try not to get overwhelmed during your visit to the paint store. The majority of us walk in with a specific color in mind and quickly realize that every color ever imagined now has a “family” category. The color “White” has a “family of whites.”  I remember receiving a color set as a child that provided two shades of the same color and I was excited. While those exciting coloring days may be a short distant memory now, the excitement of something new never gets old.

The color shades all vary on appearance depending on the type of material that you are painting over or the amount of light or shade that the front door receives every day. Our best way of selecting a final paint color is by obtaining at least three samples of the same shade. We take those colors and paint 3 samples on the door.  Another option is to walk in to the paint store with the color sample ready to be matched. This process of elimination works the best for us.  I’ve seen clients with fruit at hand to get the paint technician to match the color. Selecting the right paint color makes a huge difference on your finish product and budget.

Historically the color red has represented confidence, the color blue gives an instant peaceful energy and yellow is always vibrant & cheerful. The color black is timeless & elegant that can make your front entrance inviting. The color wheel can be endless with options to inspire you to be creative.